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The exact route each child and family takes to treatment is unique.

As a parent, you may have struggled for years to cope with your child's emotional or behavioral issues. As a probation officer, social worker, therapist, teacher, physician, or attorney, you may realize that a child needs more intensive treatment to overcome difficult issues.

Nexus has been helping youth and families for more than 40 years. Our mission, "Changing Lives Through Our Cornerstone Values," is woven into everything we do. Our programming really is all about the kids.

We have earned a national reputation as a leader in youth treatment services for harmful sexual behaviors. But we are so much more. Our clients struggle with a range of issues, including patterns of aggression or abusive behavior, reactive attachment disorder, trauma-based mental health issues, family relationship challenges, anxiety and depression struggles, cutting behaviors, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, chemical dependency, and cognitive distortions.

Nexus' clinical programming addresses complex problems in hard-to-treat clients. Our commitment to our cornerstone values of honesty, responsibility, courage, care and concern, along with our guiding principles is unwavering. It is what distinguishes us from other providers. Our culture-rich programming incorporates the cornerstone values into language, behavior, and repeated design features throughout our sites to reinforce these values in treatment and serve as a constant reminder that they set the standard by which we live and work.

Nexus strives for clinical excellence, and continual quality improvement infiltrates everything we do. All Nexus clinical programming is certified by the Council on Accreditation for Children and Family Services or The Joint Commission, and our schools are licensed by the states in which we operate. Our financial strength ensures we have the resources necessary to carry out our mission of service to children by offering first-class programming, updated facilities, excellent staff, and planned growth.

Maybe most importantly, we never forget that we are taking care of someone else's child, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We know that kids do well when their families do well. At Nexus, we believe that family provides the most important support in a child's life and that a positive outcome is vital for lasting healing, positive growth, and successful return to family and community. That's why we've begun a Family Partnership Initiative that includes family in a youth's treatment, fosters families in day-to-day care and activities, and creates positive family experiences and memories by working with each family to promote healthy change and healing.

Nexus has been changing lives and creating brighter futures for children and families for decades. If a child is struggling, we can help. We are confident that as you learn more about us, you'll understand what makes Nexus so special.

David Hutchinson, CEO
David Hutchinson, President & CEO
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Changing Lives Through Our Cornerstone Values