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Nexus Treatment History

Nexus, a nonprofit, 501(C)3 organization, has been a leader in youth residential treatment services for 40 years. Beginning in the early 1970s as a small, adult male felon program in Minnesota, Nexus services have evolved over the years to specialize in serving children and adolescents.

Nexus offers a continuum of specialized services

  • Residential Treatment Programs
  • Group Home Living Programs
  • Transitional Living Programs
  • Treatment Foster Care
  • Accredited Schools
  • Vocational Training Programs
  • Crisis Nursery
  • Children's Diagnostic Treatment Center
  • Independent Living Option
  • Shelter Care
  • 45-Day Assessments
  • Inpatient Acute Psychiatric Care
  • In-Home Counseling
  • Alternative to Residential Treatment
  • Adoption
  • Aftercare

Nexus operates 4 residential treatment sites with COA-accredited programming and one residential treatment site with TJC-accredited programming, and each facility has an on-site, year-round accredited and licensed school. Youth who successfully complete a Nexus residential treatment program have a recidivism rate well below the national average. Additionally, Nexus offers inpatient psychiatric programs, aftercare services including specialized foster care, referrals, in-home counseling services, and ongoing support.

Each Nexus location provides specialized treatment options for your child's specific needs.

  • Mille Lacs Academy, Onamia, MN: Boys 10-19
    Harmful Sexual Behaviors and Mental Health Issues, as well as Lower Intellectual Functioning, Developmental Delay, & Other Special Needs
    • Residential Treatment Programs
    • 30-Day Assessment Program
    • Group Home Program
  • Gerard Academy, Austin, MN: Boys and Girls 6-19
    Boys' & Girls' Emotional & Behavioral Disorders
    • Residential Treatment Programs
    • 45-Day Assessment Program
    • Emergency Shelter Program
    • Bridging Program
    • Short-Term Residential Program
    • Technical Exploration & Skills Training Courses
  • Indian Oaks Academy, Manteno, IL: Boys and Girls 12-21
    Boys' & Girls' Harmful Sexual Behaviors, Behavioral Disorders, & Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment
    • Residential Treatment Programs
    • Developmental Disability with Harmful Sexual Behaviors
    • Hospital-based, acute-care programs
    • Transitional Living Program
  • Onarga Academy, Onarga, IL: Adolescent Males 11-20
    Adolescent Males with Harmful Sexual Behaviors & Behavioral Disorders
    • Residential Treatment Programs
    • Chemical Health Program
    • Transitional Living Program
    • Group Home Program
    • Foster Care Program
    • Vocational Training
  • Family Focus, Greater Minnesota: Boys and Girls, Birth-18
    Adoption, Specialized Foster Care, and In-Home Counseling Services
    • Specialized Foster Care
    • Alternative to Residential Treatment Program
    • Professional Home-Based Services
    • Adoption
  • Kindred Family Focus, Greater Minnesota: Boys and Girls, Birth-18
    Therapeutic foster care, permanency planning, family support, and crisis nursery
    • Therapeutic Foster Care
    • Alternative to Residential Treatment Program
    • Whole Family Foster Care
    • Specialized Foster Care
    • Waiver Services
    • Permanency Planning
    • Wendy’s Wonderful Kids
    • Supervised Visitation
    • Shelter Care
    • Short-Term Family Foster Care
    • Crisis Nursery – Serving Wright County
  • Woodbourne Center, Baltimore, Maryland: Boys and Girls, Birth-18
    Integrated system of care for children and families involved in the child welfare system, the juvenile justice system, and in mental health programs
    • Residential Treatment Programs
    • Harmful Sexual Behaviors Program
    • Children's Diagnostic Treatment Center
    • Treatment Foster Care
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