Gerard Academy
Residential Psychiatric Treatment in a Home-like Setting

The Site

Gerard Academy is located on a beautiful 12-acre campus, adjacent to a nature preserve, in Austin, MN.

The campus is on land formerly known as the Hormel Estate, and offers a unique, homelike setting, where students live, eat, exercise, go to school, and build relationships with counselors, teachers, and other students.
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Youth Served

Gerard offers programs for boys and girls ages 6 to 19 who are struggling with emotional and behavioral issues such as family relationships, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, aggression, depression, self-harm, learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, chemical health, patterns of abusive behavior, and trauma-based mental health issues.

Programming & Treatment

Gerard Academy offers an array of high-quality services to give children and families the tools and skills they need to successfully return to home and community. Our program mix includes assessments, short-term residential, a bridging program, emergency shelter, and on-site, year-round education.

A private nonprofit organization, Gerard Academy has provided treatment services to youth for more than four decades. Today, we support and care for children in difficult circumstances with a program mix that is progressive and responsive to those it serves. Treatment components include unit milieu; individual, group, and family therapy; and on-site, year-round education. All programming is trauma-informed and family-centered. Download a brochure about Gerard Academy's Site and Programs.

Family Involvement

Relationships are the foundation of treatment success at Gerard Academy. Through the Nexus Family Partnership Initiative, staff at Gerard Academy work to create an open and ongoing dialogue with parents about what will work for them and their child. Family involvement is a necessity throughout the treatment process, and the family is our partner in the treatment of youth in our care.

All Gerard treatment programs are built on relationships and are based on the Cornerstone Values of Honesty, Responsibility, Courage, Care and Concern.