Indian Oaks Academy
Nationally Recognized Programs for Hard-to-Place Youth

The Site

Indian Oaks Academy is located just 50 miles south of Chicago in Manteno, IL.

The newly rebuilt campus features six ranch-style cottages with individual bedrooms for up to 16 clients each, a girls' transitional living place home, and an on-site, year-round school. A boys' transitional living program is housed in nearly Kankakee.

Indian Oaks Academy also manages boys' and girls' psychiatric inpatient units at Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee and works with Redeploy Illinois, a state program that provides community-based outreach programs for youth involved in the juvenile justice system with the goal of keeping kids out of prisons and institutional care. In addition, the Academy works with Starfish Family Homes to provide foster care support services to foster families in the Kankakee area.
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Youth Served

Indian Oaks Academy serves hard-to-place boys and girls, ages 12-21, who have exhibited harmful sexual behaviors, harmful sexual behaviors with intellectual disabilities, behavioral disorders, behavioral disorders with intellectual disabilities, and severe emotional and behavioral issues that require acute inpatient care. Many have had multiple placement failures.

Programming & Treatment

Indian Oaks Academy provides cognitive behavioral therapy and sensory approaches for boys and girls, ages 12-21, who have struggled with problematic sexual behaviors, family relationship issues, patterns of abusive behavior, impulse control disorders, disruptive behaviors, fetal alcohol syndrome, chemical health issues, lack of empathy, cognitive distortions, self-injurious behaviors, intellectual disabilities, trauma-based mental health issues, and reactive attachment disorder. Sexuality therapy addresses inappropriate sexual behaviors and perpetration, and the resolution of personal victimization issues. Treatment focuses on sexuality issues, family relationships, patterns of abusive behavior, development, empathy, cognitive distortions, reactive attachment disorder, and trauma-based mental health issues. Therapeutic services are offered after assessing the psychological and emotional needs of each youth. Then individualized programming is developed to treat each youth's specific needs. Download a brochure about Indian Oaks Academy's Site and Programs.

The Academy uses individual, group, and family therapy to help youth focus on behavioral and emotional issues, improve interpersonal skills, and develop an improved sense of responsibility and caring for the needs and rights of others. The Academy's core focus is to help youth develop healthy relationships and internalize the program's cornerstone values of honesty, responsibility, courage, care and concern.

Indian Oaks Academy's multi-disciplinary treatment team includes psychologists, psychiatrists, case managers, sexuality and family therapists, recreational and vocational staff, and nursing staff to determine the course of treatment and to create an individualized treatment plan for each youth served. Progress is tracked through treatment phases and continues after treatment in an aftercare program that includes an independent living option, transitional living program, and ongoing support.

Family Involvement

Relationships are the foundation of treatment success at Indian Oaks Academy. Through the Nexus Family Partnership Initiative, staff at Indian Oaks work to create an open and ongoing dialogue with parents about what will work for them and their child. Family involvement is a necessity throughout the treatment process, and the family is our partner in the treatment of youth in our care.

All Indian Oaks treatment programs are built on relationships and are based on the Cornerstone Values of Honesty, Responsibility, Courage, Care and Concern.