Kindred Family Focus
A Continuum of Services from Foster Care to Community-Based Services

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Kindred Family Focus provides foster care in 52 of 87 Minnesota Counties, making it the largest private foster care provider in the state, serving more than 262 youth daily.

We provide personalized care plans for each youth and family in our care. We are creative and passionate about providing quality services that meet the needs of our clients.
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Clients Served

Kindred Family Focus offers a range of foster care and community-based services to boys and girls, from birth to age 21, who are transitioning out of residential treatment into a less-restrictive setting. These youth may have traumatic pasts, complex mental health issues, social/emotional behavioral problems, conduct-related issues, autism spectrum disorders, chemical dependency, self-harming issues, and sexually harmful behaviors.

We also serve families who are in need of support. Kindred Family Focus offers families parenting education, we help families deal with depression, anxiety, and trauma, and we support those who need help managing their child's behaviors or are at risk of losing their child.

Programming & Treatment

Kindred Family Focus offers an array of high-quality services to give children and families the tools and skills they need to build a successful relationship outside of treatment. Our program mix includes foster care, specialized foster care, emergency foster care, short-term foster care, whole family foster care, alternative to residential treatment, adoption, home-based counseling, crisis nursery, and supervised visitation services. We also have programming for medically fragile youth and youth with sexually harmful behaviors who are cared for by specially trained foster parents that can properly support and accommodate the needs of this population. Download a brochure about Kindred Family Focus Programs.

A private nonprofit organization, Kindred Family Focus provides foster care throughout Minnesota to allow youth to transition back into the community as close to their home as possible. We support and care for children and families in difficult circumstances with a program mix that is progressive and responsive to those it serves. Treatment components include specialized care for youth's specific issues and needs, structured living environments, supervision, and independent skills training. All programming is trauma-informed and family-centered.

Family Involvement

Relationships are the foundation of treatment success at Kindred Family Focus. Through the Nexus Family Partnership Initiative, our staff and foster parents work to create an open and ongoing dialogue with parents about what will work for them and their child. Family involvement is a necessity throughout the treatment process, and the family is our partner in the treatment of youth in our care.

All Kindred Family Focus programs are built on relationships and are based on the Cornerstone Values of Honesty, Responsibility, Courage, Care and Concern.