Onarga Academy
Preparing Youth for a Healthy and Successful Future

The Site

Onarga Academy is located about 90 miles south of Chicago in the quaint village of Onarga, IL.

The Academy is situated on a beautiful, historic campus that offers a unique, homelike setting, where students live, eat, exercise, and go to school. We also offer nondenominational services, chaplain visits, and religious service celebrations as requested by parents or youth.

At Onarga Academy, youth can safely address their behavioral and emotional problems while they build relationships with counselors, teachers, and other students.
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Youth Served

Onarga Academy serves adolescent males, ages 11-20, who have exhibited problematic sexual behaviors, family relationship issues, patterns of abusive behavior, chemical health issues, lack of empathy, cognitive distortions, and trauma-based mental health issues.

Programming & Treatment

Sexuality therapy at Onarga Academy uses cognitive behavioral therapy and sensory approaches to address inappropriate sexual behaviors and perpetration, and the resolution of personal victimization issues. The Academy's core focus is to help adolescent males develop healthy relationships.

The residential treatment programs use individual, group, and family therapy to help focus on behavioral and emotional issues, improve social skills, and develop an improved sense of responsibility and caring for the needs and rights of others. All programming is trauma-informed and family-centered. Download a brochure about Onarga Academy's Site and Programs.

The Academy's multi-disciplinary treatment team includes psychologists, psychiatrists, case managers, sexuality and family therapists, chemical health specialists, recreational and vocational counselors, and medical staff.

Family Involvement

Relationships are the foundation of treatment success at Onarga Academy. Through the Nexus Family Partnership Initiative, staff at Onarga work to create an open and ongoing dialogue with parents about what will work for them and their child. Family involvement is a necessity throughout the treatment process, and the family is our partner in the treatment of youth in our care.

Onarga Academy's sex-specific treatment programs are built on healthy relationships and the Cornerstone Values of Honesty, Responsibility, Courage, Care and Concern.