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Nexus Minnesota Foster Care and Adoption

Providing Permanency to More Children in More Minnesota Counties

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Nexus Minnesota Foster Care is delivered in 52 of 87 Minnesota counties by Kindred Family Focus, the largest private foster care provider in the state, serving more than 262 youth daily.

Kindred Family Focus is a private foster care agency licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services under Rule 4 to license homes and place youth with emotional, behavioral, and development needs that cannot be met by their primary caregivers.

We provide personalized care plans for youth and families throughout Minnesota and are creative and passionate about providing quality services for children and their families. We coordinate services for youth in placement and work to ensure successful permanency options, whether that means returning home or becoming part of a new family.

It is Kindred Family Focus’ philosophy that foster care should be delivered through a vehicle of safety and respect, meeting as many of the needs of the youth as possible in order to facilitate stability and growth. We educate and support our foster care parents through a lens of trauma-informed care, which helps them nurture youth through difficult times during placement. Creating a safe environment also requires that foster parents are trained to use discipline techniques that are conducive to growth and teaching rather than techniques that are punitive. As well, foster parents are expected to demonstrate positive skills to manage difficult behavior with patience, understanding, and love. Kindred Family Focus assures the quality of the foster home environment through regularly scheduled monitoring visits/contacts that are conducted by Kindred Family Focus Social Workers to the foster parents in the home and visits/contact with the youth in the home and other settings.

Nexus Minnesota Foster Care Provides A Continuum of Services from Community-Based Family Services to Foster Care to Adoption
  • Serving youth with emotional, behavioral, and developmental needs
  • Trauma-sensitive approaches
  • Permanency solutions for youth
  • Foster care as close to home as possible
  • Involvement of biological or permanency family as applicable
  • Statewide referral network
  • Stable home environment for youth and families in placement
  • Supportive care for families in crisis
  • Individualized and flexible placement options
  • State-of-the-art technology to keep youth and families connected
  • Partners with the placing agency and community to meet youth’s needs
  • 24/7, on-call services for foster parents
Our Services Provide Exceptional Care to Youth and Families
  • Our mission of “Strengthening Lives, Families, and Communities Through Our Cornerstone Values” is woven into everything we do.
  • We provide a continuum of services to help youth and families recover, rehabilitate, and reintegrate to live happier, healthier lives.
  • Nexus Foster Care specializes in transitioning youth from residential treatment to planned foster care placements.
    • We get the family involved while the youth is in residential placement, and we follow through by establishing the appropriate aftercare services to ensure lasting success.
    • Preplacements, prior to actual discharge to foster care, are used at no charge to the county.
    • It is our goal to create a seamless integration of services from residential placement to foster care.
  • Nexus Minnesota Foster Care programs engage in continuous quality improvement to monitor customer satisfaction and outcome data.
  • Practice meets and exceeds Minnesota DHS foster care expectations.
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